Energy efficiency and renewable energies

Conserved energy is an important and still underestimated resource. In a world shaped by global competition and climate change, improved energy efficiency is key in all sectors of the economy.

Despite the majority of energy efficiency investments are highly profitable, great energy efficiency potentials still remain untapped. While reasons differ across sectors, most often several market imperfections need to be addressed in order to realize energy saving opportunities.
We provide sound economic analysis to enable energy suppliers as well as energy consumers to identify and assess their energy efficiency potentials. Foe each client, we identify and elaborate the optimal strategic actions to turn potential gains into actual economic profits (welfare gains).

We support governments to develop the appropriate policy approaches and instruments to transform these potentials into benefits. This includes the design of energy, regulatory and environmental policies as well as the analysis of renewable energy markets. Moreover, we develop strategies for investments into energy efficiency and renewable energies.

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