Project Description

Support to the introduction of Sustainable Development policies – Rational use of natural resources in the energy-environment sectors in Turkmenistan

The overall objective of this EU project is to assist Turkmenistan, a country with huge natural gas resources and relying on gas exports, in understanding the overall rationale of sustainable development policies at national level and to initiate the development and the implementation of policy, regulatory, and institutional framework for sustainable energy development.
The project aims at capacity building and institutional strengthening focused on addressing sustainable energy in the mandate of government agencies. Awareness for rational energy use and its co-benefits are being raised and Sustainable Development shall be introduced into national strategies and sectoral programes, including the introduction of the economic & environmental assessment in their preparation. DIW Econ experts prepare new lectures and courses for higher educational institutions in Turkmenistan, elaborate a text book on energy efficiency and train public servants on sustainable energy policy development.

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