Project Description

Macroeconomic Analysis of the Wind Energy Development in Kazakhstan

Electricity generation in Kazakhstan mainly relies on coal and the share of renewable energy is still negligible. The study elaborated on behalf of UNDP is discussing the further development of the wind power market in Kazakhstan by assessing the overall economic, social and environmental costs and by comparing them to other energy options. In the study the most common concerns of wind energy development are addressed, which are excessive costs of wind energy generation compared to other current options in Kazakhstan, the costs of integration of wind energy into the national power system and environmental impacts of wind energy, e.g. on flying wildlife. Three scenarios are developed with a varying composition of the energy mix. The scenarios make obvious, that the overall impact of the expansion of wind energy generation in Kazakhstan heavily depends on the future mix of fossil power plants, the development of fuel costs and the specific targets for GHG emission reductions.

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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)